Why is Digital Marketing Critical for Your Internet Business?

Launching and designing a website is just one element to creating a commanding online presence. To achieve this, you need a robust marketing strategy.

It is easy for companies to get lost in the sheer awesome number of comparable websites. To be different from the crowd, you need assistance from the specialists.

That’s where Juele Productions, Inc. can be of help.

Our marketing strategies consist of the following wide-ranging and professional services:

Social Media Platforms
Social Media is overtaking virtually all other forms of communications online. To get in front of your audience, we will isolate who they are and which platform they visit the most. We then mark the platform to help you increase leads that will convert to sales.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, Instagram or Vine, we have you covered!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
We apply the power of retargeting and banner ads to help you gain more visibility in all the right ways. Powerful and affordable, PPC ads are among the best approaches to rapidly build brand awareness.

Juele Productions, Inc. is the right place for your PPC ads. From attention-grabbing banner designs to planning your ad campaigns, we get the most out of your brand’s visibility to the highly targeted audience.

Google Adsense Campaigns
We separate long tail and targeted keywords for the utmost impact. Our keyword selection makes a powerful transformation in your campaigns, and our flawlessly designed banner ads and Google retargeting campaigns will help push traffic to your site through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search Engine Optimization
Be seen by the search engines naturally and organically, if you pick our services. We utilize varieties of white-hat SEO methods to advance your search visibility and ensure that it is easy for clients and customers to easily find you online.

Website Audits
Want to be sure that your site is optimized for search engines? We can take a look at that for you through our website audits and reviews. We do not only review where your website stands with your competitors and in the search engines, we also offer recommendations to rebuild and fix a new website that will perform much better, and convert higher than your previous website.

We will perform a thorough review of your digital presence and provide a report on improvements that ought to be made, as well as recommendations you can follow that can assist with increasing your search engine rankings. The higher ranked you are, based on the reputation and structure of your website, the more customers will find you online and convert from a site visitor to a sale.

Blog and Article Content
Our team of skilled writers knows just how to craft content that will appeal to the search engines and your audience. We will help you come up with a plan for scheduling blog posts and articles which will build a brand authority for your business. Informative, valuable, and shareable content is vital to improve the ranking of your website, and our professional writers can provide such services and so much more.

In our Basic Package, we provide article topics particular to your niche, as well as long tail and targeted keywords. You can then write the content around those topics in order for the search engines to discover and add to their directories.

Social Media Campaign Management
We provide a monthly report that will show you how your social media campaigns are performing. We can also adjust and make additional recommendations to further increase the overall impact.

Our objective is to help you grow a huge fan base on numerous social channels to increase brand recognition. Our team is well-versed with scheduling social media posts, as well as boosting them to the right target audience.

Organically, growing an audience via social media is the fastest way to increase the awareness of your brand.

Monthly Reporting and One-on-One Reviews
Growing exposure for your company to the right audience is our goal. We will do this by making available, a monthly report on all the services and campaigns that will be done on your behalf. We also provide new ideas and suggest growing trends, based on the campaign’s performance.

We think outside the box, and present those concepts and strategies to you.

Why Choose Us?

To get the most out of your business, you need to work with professional individuals who possess the know-how to drive your business forward. Let us be your partners.

To make the most of your investment is not an option—it is something you need to do to be prosperous. Our team understands that you have a budget, and we suggest strategies that yield high quality results.

Get in touch with Juele Productions, Inc. today to know more about our Digital Marketing Services, and how we can grow your business, together.