The Mobile Apps Market is Rapidly Growing and You Want to be A Part of it

The mobile applications sector is rapidly expanding. The last five years alone, trends have consistently veered toward mobile apps as more and more businesses incorporate apps into their marketing campaigns to share their products and advertise their business and brands with the rest of the world.

It’s Time for Mobile Apps

Nowadays, the majority of Americans, estimated to be well over 64% of adults, own a smartphone. That number is expected to only increase in the coming years. As such, now is the best time to get into the mobile app market. However, it’s important not to rush into it, but rather to develop a feasible plan of action.

How Apps Drive Revenue for Businesses

A well-made mobile app can become an additional source of revenue for your business, brand or organization. The ways an app can increase profits for your business are numerous, including:

  • Social Referrals
  • GPS/Location-based Coupons
  • Push Notifications
  • Rewarding Loyal Members
  • Encourage Newsletter Signups
  • Mobile Orders and Transactions

The key to garnering repeat customers is to connect with them directly and resonate with their needs - what better way to do that then via mobile apps, especially when today most people almost always have their phones with them. Users can, through apps, buy items wherever they are and whenever they want. You can offer them coupons, special rewards and sign up bonuses to encourage users to pick your products over your competition. Furthermore, people will be generally more aware of your brand or company if you have a mobile app.

Why Choose Juele Productions Inc?

With over five years of experience working in software and mobile app development, we can utilize our skills and experience to develop mobile apps focused on user security, experience and scalability.

Providing our clientele with designs specifically suited to their needs is our primary goal. We do this using our years of experience in this market in order to deliver a powerful user experience that catches your customer’s eye right from the start.

This goes beyond just coding, design and app development. We seek to create something users desire to install on their phones. There are millions of apps out there, but only a few of their creators understand the marketing potential behind this technology like we do.

Our team uses digital marketing to spread the word about your app in order to deliver it to your target audience. We market on platforms with high customer bases, including both Android and iOS - which have a huge market and user install bases. By breaking into this market, users will be encouraged to give your brand a try, and many of them will stick around.

Using Mobile Apps for Your Business

Is a mobile app ideal for your business?
Soon it will be impossible for any growing business to not have a mobile app. People all over the world are using mobile apps every single day for all sorts of reasons. If you don’t have a mobile app, quite simply, you’ll be left behind and your competition will overtake your market share.

When designing a mobile app, it’s important to consider not only its aesthetics, but the content that it provides. Our team is full of experts who know about monetization for a wide variety of apps such as advertisements, recurring subscription models, and incentivizing additional content. This helps you get the most out of the mobile app experience.

If you want to improve the reach of your business, get into mobile app development today with Juele Productions Inc. With our help, you can increase revenue and reach a wider audience. By creating fine designs we aid our clientele in broadening their horizons in the most natural methods possible.

Contact Juele Productions Inc for more information about our mobile app design and implementation.

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